Digital Shop Floor Management for

more Transparency
better Collaboration
efficient Processes
With Visual Shop Floor, Solunio enables medium-sized and large industrial companies to optimize production and logistics processes and thus ensure the company's success.




Master your challenges with ease
Monitor your processes and resources in real-time, identify sources of error early on and act purposefully. Fast, flexible and efficient. With a fully integrated software platform that adapts perfectly to your company.
01. DETECT deviations and malfunctions at an early stage
Maximum transparency with all information in one central place – easy and intuitive in real time.

02. ACT promptly and in an organized manner

Record actions in a structured manner, define responsibilities and ensure timely implementation – systematically and continuously updated for the entire team.
03. OPTIMIZE processes
systematically and sustainably
Identify causes, take remedial action and implement optimizations sustainably – targeted for continuous improvement.

Your advantages at a glance

Set new standards in improving Operational Excellence. Gain freedom for new ideas and future-oriented work. Reliably achieve your goals and ensure sustainable business growth.

Increase in productivity

Focus on the most important tasks, increase the efficiency of your activities and concentrate on the essentials.

Improvement of the OEE

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through systematic analysis of process data, evaluations of machine downtime, and timely action using real-time alerting.

Transparent processes

Monitor your production and logistics processes in real time with reliable key figures. Support your employees and show the need for action by detecting deviations and disruptions.

Continuous improvement

Involve all employees in design and decision-making processes and set consistent and clearly defined goals. Maintain an overview of improvement measures and their implementation progress.

Efficient team collaboration

Improve collaboration between employees through structured meetings and simple and clear task management. Maintain an overview with clearly defined responsibilities, priorities and due dates.

High ROI

Achieve measurable results in the short term by improving resource utilization and eliminating waste. Increased efficiency and reduced costs ensure the company's long-term success.

Elimination of error sources

Use established methods such as PDCA cycles and process audits for the systematic identification, analysis and sustainable elimination of error sources.

Avoidance of waste

Monitor and analyze resource usage and consumption through ongoing control of process parameters and intuitive visualization of target/actual-comparisons. Avoid non-value-adding, repetitive activities through automated data preparation and evaluation.

Increase in quality

Capture measured values, detect variation in quality metrics and monitor process capability using control charts, pareto charts, histograms and scatter diagrams to achieve your quality goals.

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